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Our Philosophy


Peregrine Ventures is an equity investment group dedicated to generating long-term value and establishing deep competitive advantages. We collaborate with exceptional entrepreneurs to create industry-leading companies that stand the test of time and deliver substantial capital returns for our investors.

Our team at Peregrine Ventures boasts a diverse array of experts, including professionals from finance, technology, academia, and entrepreneurial backgrounds. This wealth of knowledge, experience, and network enables us to continuously identify and assess long-term opportunities across the globe. As technology and knowledge rapidly evolve, we recognize the importance of staying at the forefront of emerging trends in order to capitalize on world-changing shifts at the optimal moment.


Embracing this philosophy, we have cultivated an internal culture focused on sharpening our edge in knowledge acquisition. The Peregrine Ventures team has amassed a track record of success, both within our organization and at other renowned companies in their respective industries.

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