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Managing Partner
Jake Yu

As the Managing Partner at Peregrine Ventures, Jake's ethos of "Shaping Futures, One Investment at a Time" envisions a future where investment strategies don't just revolve around generating wealth but are inherently tied to the betterment of our society, the environment, and the world at large. Prior to Peregrine, he has traversed organizational landscapes from innovative startups to Fortune 500 corporations, leaving his mark through leadership and innovation positively impacting millions of lives globally. He offers strategic insights to institutions and serves as a mentor at VC University. He holds a BS in electrical engineering and completed executive education in venture capital and private equity.

Managing Partner
Queen Zhang

Dr. Zhang was the visionary founder of Future TV Co.,Ltd, the pioneering national new media platform in China that revolutionized media access for billions in the country. In addition to her groundbreaking work with Future TV, she significantly influenced China's media landscape as a Director of China IPTV Corporation. She earned her PhD in economics from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Venture Partner
Seamon Chan 

Seamon worked at Insight  Venture Partners, a $23 billion venture capital and growth equity firm with investments in and Alibaba. Seamon earned his BA at Stanford and is completing the OPM program at Harvard Business School. 

Vincent Gu 

Vincent has held distinguished positions across prominent institutions: serving as the Senior Researcher at Dialectic Capital Hedge Fund, Senior Manager at Lucent Technologies, and Senior Consultant at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. His expansive expertise is further enriched by collaborations with industry leaders like P&G, Reynolds & Reynolds, and Cincinnati Bell.

Entrepreneur In Residence
Chuan Wang 

Chuan Wang, co-founder of Xiaomi, played an instrumental role in shaping a tech giant that has democratized technology access, making advanced tech available to billions of people from Asia to Africa. Chuan's vision for green initiatives, emphasizing recycling and reducing carbon footprints are creating a blueprint for the entire tech industry. He obtained his masters degree in computer science.

Entrepreneur In Residence
Changjun Xu

Changjun is a serial entrepreneur with a vision for a greener planet. Founder of Longshine, his company has been instrumental in supporting over 400 million families, 12,000 businesses, and numerous governments, making significant strides in diminishing global carbon footprints. He earned his master's degree in applied mathematics from the Tsinghua University.

Senior Advisor
Josh Lerner 

Josh, the esteemed Head of the Entrepreneurial Management Unit and the Jacob H. Schiff Professor at Harvard Business School, has a unique academic blend from Yale, merging physics with technology history. His impactful work spans the Brookings Institution, a notable public-private task force in Chicago, and Capitol Hill contributions. Additionally, he holds a Ph.D. from Harvard's Economics Department, underscoring his academic expertise.

Senior Advisor
Lijun Lu 

Lijun, as founder of CertusNet, has spearheaded the company in offering cutting-edge communication solutions to premier network carriers across Asia. With a commitment to sustainability, CertusNet is championing green initiatives to lessen the communication industry's carbon footprint. He is a Tsinghua University graduate with a Bachelor's in Automatic Control and holds a Master's degree in Mathematics from Peking University.

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