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Our Philosophy


Peregrine Ventures is an equity investment group dedicated to generating long-term value and establishing deep competitive advantages. We collaborate with exceptional entrepreneurs to create industry-leading companies that stand the test of time and deliver substantial capital returns for our investors.

Our team at Peregrine Ventures boasts a diverse array of experts, including professionals from finance, technology, academia, and entrepreneurial backgrounds. This wealth of knowledge, experience, and network enables us to continuously identify and assess long-term opportunities across the globe. As technology and knowledge rapidly evolve, we recognize the importance of staying at the forefront of emerging trends in order to capitalize on world-changing shifts at the optimal moment.


Embracing this philosophy, we have cultivated an internal culture focused on sharpening our edge in knowledge acquisition. The Peregrine Ventures team has amassed a track record of success, both within our organization and at other renowned companies in their respective industries.

Our Portfolio:

The wealth management platform for institutions all over the globe.


Make affordable products accessible to everyone on the planet. E-commerce for All.


Inspire people with a world of interests.




Happy streaming. The ultimate video streaming platform to TVs and devices around the globe.


Encounter the next era of computing. The spatial  computing platform where you see and interact with digital creatures in the word around you.


SHE: 300770

The new media service platform harnessing latest technologies.


A SaaS platform where employers can provide better benefits for their employees more efficiently and with lower cost.


Acquired by Magic Leap


A set of technologies developed by previous google employees which enable you to bring your reality world into the digital one.

A marketplace where people can buy genuine art works from emerging artists.

Our Team
Managing Partner
 Jake Yu

With a wealth of professional experience encompassing high-tech industries and venture capital, Jake has traversed diverse organizational landscapes, from innovative startups to Fortune 500 giants, leaving his mark through impactful leadership and strategic innovation. As the Founding and Managing Partner at Peregrine Ventures, he shapes strategic direction, builds high performing team, and cultivates a global portfolio of high-potential companies. He is dedicated to drive industry transformation through strategic investment and collaboration with extraordinary entrepreneurs and innovators. Serving on various family offices' boards, he offers strategic guidance and expertise. He holds BS of electrical engineering and completed his executive education in venture capital and private equity.

Managing Partner
Queen Zhang
Seamon Chan 
Sam Wang 

Dr. Zhang previously served as the director of China IPTV Corporation. She was founder and CEO of Future TV Co.,Ltd. which was the first national OTT platform in China.

She also is a Columbia visiting scholar and Harvard Business School


Seamon worked at Insight  Venture Partners, a $23 billion venture capital and growth equity firm with investments in and Alibaba. Seamon earned his BA at Stanford and is completing the OPM program at Harvard Business School. 

Vice President of Peregrine Ventures. He obtained a MBA in Tsinghua University and Worked as the Vice President of FutureTV Co. LTD. He has a broad range of knowledge and experience in TMT field.

Vincent Gu 

Vincent is the Vice Principle of Peregrine Ventures. He had been working as the Senior Researcher of Dialectic Capital Hedge Fund,Senor manager of Lucent Technologies and Senior consultant of Cap Gemini Ernst&Young. He has a very good experience from working with P&G, Reynolds&Reynolds、Cincinnati Bell etc.

Senior Adviser
Josh Lerner 

Josh is the Head of the Entrepreneurial Management Unit and the Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking at Harvard Business School. He graduated fromYaleCollege with a special divisional major that combined physics with the history of technology.  He worked for several years on issues concerning technological innovation and public policy at the Brookings Institution, for a public-private task force inChicago, and on Capitol Hill.  He then earned a Ph.D. from Harvard's Economics Department.

Hongshun Wang 
Senior Adviser
Lijun Lu 

Lijun is the co-founder and chairman of CertusNet. He has over 20 years of experience in the Chinese and US telecommunication field. He graduated from Tsinghua university with a Bachelor degree in Automatic Control and has a master maths degree in Peking university, Lijun also holds a Electric Engineering degree in the University of Virginia.

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